Master P Responds to Kodak Black’s Wild IG Rant “I Treated Him Like a Son!”

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Master P and Kodak Black are telling different stories.

Kodak Black and Master P are in a bit of a social media tiff after the South Florida rapper accused the No Limit legend of trying to charge him for mentorship. “I guess Master P thought I was a fool. I still f*ck with Master P the long way. But I ain’t no motherf*cking fool,” he said, adding that he wouldn’t ask his friends to pay him for his help. “I give my n*ggas whatever game I got, I give it to them for free. Ain’t charging ’em. I ain’t gon’ buy no game from no n*gga.”

Master P responded, saying that he “never took a dime” from Kodak. “I gave him advice. Whether he listened or not that’s on him,” Master P said. “I told him you got this attorney that’s a crook…The real Kodak story should be how much money have [Kodak’s entertainment lawyer] Theo Sedlmayr made off him.”

Master P continued to explain the situation, saying that Sedlmayr is doing Kodak dirty.

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Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty Images