Kodak Black Walks Off Stage During ‘Wild ‘N Out’ Concert… You Won’t Believe Why

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Kodak doesn't work for free

Fans were upset with Kodak Black after the Project Baby seemed to bail on a live performance on Wild N’ Out. Though the fans were unhappy, Kodak said that they don’t know the whole story. The rapper said he actually went above and beyond what he signed up for at the performance and that the showrunners didn’t hold up their end of the contract.

According to the “There He Go” rapper, he signed up to perform a single song as a surprise guest. After the organizers allegedly leaked the news of his performance, Black said he still went ahead and performed two more songs than he was expected to play.

“They leaked my surprise performance 3 times 😒 ‘breached of contract’ i Compromised !!!!!” he wrote alongside a video of his set. “I Came ! i was pose to only do 1 song i “sorta” did 3 songs for them well for the ‘Individuals’ .. wtf else those unappreciative mf’ers want?! Fux’em milk da promo out of it‼️😎👌🏾 I Jumped In Da Whole Crowd #YeaDatPartOf Course I Got A Extra Bag. [sic]”

Contract or no, the fan-shot videos of the event make for awkward viewing. In one, you can hear the sounds of his hit “Tunnel Vision” playing over an empty stage. In another, Nick Cannon asks the fans to give it up for the rapper but is met with boos.

“What are y’all mad at me for?” he asks, before joking that Kodak was on house arrest and had to get back to his home.


Source: Instagram @kodakblack