Former ‘LHHNY’ Star Gets Roasted After Unveiling Her Surgically Enhanced Buns

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Did she go too far?

Kimbella decided to show off her recently purchased bod to the Instagram masses and they just couldn’t let her have her fun. The Love & Hip Hop: New York star had to spend the day fending off attacks from salty folks in her comments.

“Why do you woman [sic] do this to your bodies? You are a beautiful woman! There was no need for you to do this, love yourself! Smh,” wrote a fan under the handle @brianna_baddd.

Of course, Kimbella just couldn’t let it slide and focus on the compliments. She had to jump in and let people know about themselves.

“You that upset, sis? Lmfao I love myself so f**king much I invested in it, boo,” she said. “You see why you mad? You came on here tight asf because a bih look tf good.”

But the haters weren’t done. They kept coming asking why Kimbella felt the need to get work done.

“Why you do that to your body? I hope it’s the angle but it’s a no for me, dawg,” wrote @tweetstilettoqueen.

“How can you judge anyone looking like that?” Kimbella came back. “Ya face and hair issa no for me sis and that’s all I can see for your profile pic. Lmao you know what that means.”

Others questioned the validity of anyone caring about what Kimbella does.

“You don’t have fans. You have people who look at you like your crazy [sic],” wrote user @robynemilygrace. “Why would you have fans????? You haven’t done anything!”

Kimbella took umbrage to that, noting that Robyn was on her page at this very moment.

“You are a FAN b***h cuz you’re on my page MAD!!” she said. “Get it now??! Oh ok!”

A Kimbella supporter said that all the women who trash-talked her were overweight and the reality star agreed.

“Always them boo,” she said. “Lol they can’t take it.”


Source: Twitter / ‏@funkflex