Brawlmart: Kids Caught in the Middle of Wild Family Feud

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Even their kids couldn't stop these folks from fighting!

Over the years, Walmart has turned into a clearinghouse for weird human behavior as much as it is a den of low-priced groceries and home goods. There’s whole blogs and books dedicated to the people and products people have seen throughout the store’s aisles. Back in the days of Vine (RIP), it was a default backdrop for odd stunts. Even so, this massive brawl in a Union, New Jersey Walmart is shocking.

While the fight between the two couples is something to see just for the amount of blows landed, what really sends this fight into absurd territory is the fact that the children of the fighting adults were on hand and trying to break up their parents.

As the women and men square off, you can see their small children trying to jump in between them and stop the brawl. They are unsuccessful. Even the shouts of other customers reminding them that their children are right there isn’t enough to quell the fight. The brawl doesn’t stop until several of Walmart’s bigger employees stand in between the fighters and pull them apart.

The cause of the fight near the shop’s jewelry section is unknown.

“We cannot definitively say why the fight broke out,” Walmart spokesman Charles Crowson said when reached for comment by NJ Advance Media.

Crowson added that the police were not called as both couples quickly left the store.

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