Khalid Vents About a Fan Groping Him on Twitter

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"How f--kin old are we???"

Going from normal to famous requires some growing pains. Singer-songwriter Khalid recently learned that lack of personal space is a woe of fame, though being violated is never, ever okay.

Over the weekend (Nov. 19), the “Location” artist performed at the American Music Awards. After killing the stage alongside Imagine Dragons, the 19-year-old met and greeted fans. Though he didn’t show a reaction at the time or place of the event, Khalid vented about an uncomfortable interaction he had with a fan after the award show on Twitter. “lol I go to talk to a fan and she grabs my ass, how f–kin old are we???” he tweeted.

The tweet, which was retweeted over 48 thousand times, garnered tons of support for the artist and outrage at the boundary-crossing fan.

Showing just how admirable he is, after the fan groped the young artist, Khalid said he simply left because “I don’t like showing anger in front of anyone.” The artist stated that sexual harassment happens to females as well as males and should not be tolerated on either end. “It’s unacceptable,” he tweeted before saying that he took the incident to Twitter because “it can happen to anybody!”

khalid kneeling down on stage infront of a crowd of fans source ig thegr8khalid

Source: Instagram @thegr8khalid