Kevin Gates Drops Music Video From Behind Bars With a Special Surprise for Fans

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Kevin Gates won't let being in prison stop him from dropping music

Kevin Gates has released his second music video since being locked up on October 16 of last year. “What If” follows a man and his wife as the man deals with being incarcerated.

“What If” seems to be largely autobiographical. While it doesn’t star Gates himself — because prison — it does mirror the situation he’s currently in with regards to his wife and two children. The story takes place entirely in Baton Rouge and seems to tell the story of Kevin, his wife Dreka. The video ends with the Dreka stand-in caring for children, much in the same way that the real woman is taking care of Islah and Khaza Gates while Kevin is in prison.

The video ends with a shot of a handwritten letter from Gates to his fans. It encourages them to keep the faith while he’s away. Gates tells his fans that all people go through struggles and that he’ll come out the other side the same person as he was.

“A great person is measured by all the tests they can undergo and still remain true to who they are,” he wrote.

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Credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images