K. Michelle Cries While Sharing How Drugs Ruined Reputation with Radio Stations

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Health Vs. Wealth

K. Michelle broke down into tears while on Maryland, Virginia radio show The Fam In The Morning. Before hopping into an interview with Quicksilva & DJ 5’9, the songstress explained why the hosts were saying she’s “officially back.”

“Now for those who might not understand why we’re saying ‘officially back,'” DJ QuickSilva began. “We have to clear up some things. Maybe a year or so ago, a little over a year ago, something happened… When I first started mornings, we had scheduled, like, some type of a meet and greet for the morning show of K. Michelle. And the rumor was she just didn’t show up.”

“She just didn’t show up, and she had so many fans,” he went on. “It really got personal because we had a young lady, who was a cancer patient, and she had chemo that day. She skipped her chemo to meet K. Michelle. So, she was so let down when K. Michelle didn’t show up. So, at the moment, you know, the powers that be made this whole thing… ‘You know what, we’re done with K. Michelle. She didn’t show up for us, she’s never coming to KYS.'”

The host went on to say that the singer was essentially “black-balled,” before straight-forwardly asking K. Michelle, “What happened?”

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