Joseline Hernandez Gearing to Drop Cardi B Diss in “Hate Me Now”

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You done goofed, Joseline

We already knew that Joseline Hernandez was salty about the rise of her fellow Love & Hip Hop alum Cardi B… but we didn’t know it ran this deep. Joseline Hernandez is a salt flat over Cardi’s success and with her new track “Hate Me Now,” it seems like she’s trying to set a land speed record for how quickly a person can get sonned.

“Hate Me Now” puts the Puerto Rican princess over some hard trap beats so the target of her ire will know this isn’t a game. But Hernandez doesn’t actually deliver on the promise of the production, coming with lukewarm rhymes and very little actual menace.

“Drag a Bronx bitch, yeah I said it — what you gonna do?/Fabricated, illustrated, cartoon/Bloody my a**… you holler Blood — who the hell cosigned this hoe?” Hernandez raps on the track, hardly the sort of thing to take down a woman who just showed up Nicki Minaj on a verse.

Cardi’s bloody shoes are made for stomping and we have a feeling that’s just what they’ll do as soon as Cardi gets called on for another guest verse.

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Source: Instagram @joseline