Watch Jim Jones Slam LA Fitness Employees During IG Video Rant

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Is he right?

Before today, I would have had a hard time picturing Jim Jones in a gym. Not because of the shape he’s in, mind you, but because of the persona he’s crafted over the decades with The Diplomats. But a recent video shows that Jones is not only a gym-chain-attendee but a let-me-talk-to-the-manager type.

Of course, if Jones is telling the truth in a recent video where he put LA Fitness employees on blast, then he has every right to make a scene. According to Jim, he was being racially profiled by a manager at the gym after he asked her for help and was refused. He posted a video showing the faces of the employees in question and tagged the chain in a long-winded rant.

“Somebody please teach your employees at Flower St. gym in LA how to talk and treat there customers [sic]:,” he wrote while tagging the company on Instagram. He continued:

“I been a member for 4 years and never have been treated like this. It is usually a very good experience. Well today was the worst. I feel I have been profiled and lied on. Smh all cause I asked to plug my charger up to the side of one of their computers and she told me very nasty that she not letting me use the computer to charge my phone and that I was a simple person.“

Jim said he refused to show out, going back to his gym grind. The real problems didn’t happen until the rapper went to leave.

“I held my composure though, went back to workin out,” he explained. “Another manager came up to me asking ig [sic] I wanted to talk about what happened. I said no , he need to talk to his employees about how they treat customers that just want to charge they ohone [sic]. So as I’m leavin out, I wave bye to both the managers at the same time and she lies and tells the manager I gave her the middle finger.”

Jones said that this was a whole lie and the other manager should have known it, since he was looking directly at him.

“But I was waving at both of them and the managers all saw me waving then proceeds to ask me if I gave her the middle finger when he just watched me wave bye to the both of them,” he said. “Then they threatened to kick me out and get [my membership] terminated. I asked on what grounds. They had no answer.”

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