Jay-Z’s Mom Reveals Her Son’s Unexpected Reaction to Her Coming Out

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Jigga was very emotional when his mother came out.

Jay-Z’s mother just shared details about how the song “Smile” came about. The standout track from 4:44 is largely being celebrated as the moment where Gloria Carter revealed to the world that she was gay. In a new interview with D’USSE Friday, Carter explained what it was like when Carter first shared that news with her son. She said that Jay started crying over the idea that his mother had to hide who she was.

Me and my son, we share a lot of information,” she said. “So I was sitting there and I was telling him one day. I just finally started telling him who I was. Besides your mother, this is the person that I am, you know? This is the life that I lived. So my son started actually, like, tearing because he was like, ‘That had to be a horrible life, ma.’ I was like, ‘My life was never horrible. It was just different.’ So that made him want to do a song about it.”

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Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images