‘I Love New York’ Star Chance Gets Attacked by Monkey in Thailand

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Oh no!

You might remember (or more likely don’t) Kamal “Chance” Givens. The one-time reality show contestant and Stallionaire came to fame by becoming the runner-up on the first season of I Love New York. He turned up in later seasons to coach New York toward her pick and eventually landed his own reality show alongside his brother Ahmad. But that was long ago, and now Chance is out here making headlines for getting attacked by monkeys in Thailand.

You read that right. Chance of first-wave VH1 reality show semi-fame was attacked by a baby monkey after getting a little too close to his fam. Chance was on-hand to film his documentary N***** in Thailand. Video footage obtained by TMZ shows the attack from Chance’s perspective, with a shot of the monkey before he went ape and then confused and jumbled screaming.

Later shots in the video show Givens getting stitched up. According to the gossip website, the TV star was rushed to the hospital where he got six stitches in his hand and bandages for wounds on his legs. Talk about a wild comeback to the game.

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Source: Youtube @StallionairesTV