Hip Hop Songs Written By a Different Rapper

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Some of Your Favorite Songs Had a Ghostwriter

Are you a hip-hop fan that thrives on authenticity? Do you take pride when you know a rapper’s song was written by him? Or do you like the rapper who’s killing the game from every angle. From skilled delivery, to overall branding letting you know homie’s getting this money. Where business and art collide, collaboration might make for the best possible song. The argument is everlasting in hip-hop.

You’ve got your straight spitters like Eminem and classic Wayne, and your entertainers like Drake or Kanye. Both groups have contributed to art and culture of hip-hop in different ways. Ghostwriting in the rap world is nothing new, but taking something you haven’t written and claiming it all to yourself with no credits is the most foo foo thing you can do. We’ve got 15 songs that were written by different rappers. We threw in a few videos in there too so keep reading for more details.

Biggie Diddy

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Check out who wrote their own rhymes and who had a writer