“I’m Not Going to Prison!!” Cops STRUGGLE to Keep Slippery Guy Down

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This guy just doesn't know when to quit

How many cops does it take to subdue one man in socks on a tiled floor? While that sounds like the set-up for some ultra-depressing lightbulb joke, it’s an actual query that had to be running through the minds of people watching a recent arrest handled by Miami Beach police.

In spite of the fact that this man is standing in American flag shorts and socks, a whole gaggle of cops can’t seem to bring him down. He slips and slides his way around the floor, refusing to be moved. The whole thing reads like a much sadder cut of Risky Business. It isn’t until several more police officers — and one dude in jeans that we hope is a plainclothes officer and not just some mega-narc who felt like getting involved — jump in that the man is finally brought to the ground.

Perhaps the most impressive part of our hero’s valiant struggle against several grappling officers is the fact that he maintains a constant conversation throughout the whole affair.

“You are going to prison!” shouts one man. “Man, I’m not going to prison,” he responds casually as officers grab a limb each.

“I’ll knock your ass out,” he says to a man off-screen that we assume he was arguing with before the cops arrived. “What the hell’s wrong with y’all? I was defending myself.”

Another cop jumps in at this point and puts the man in his best guess at a headlock. The man slips out as the cop tumbles to the floor. At that point, three more cops jump into the fight and finally manage to bring the man down by picking him up by the legs and placing him on the ground.

man fights many cops

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