Crowd Gathers To Watch This Unusually Long TOPLESS Catfight In the Streets

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There are no words.

The average street fight is short. A series of shots get landed and the fighters are either pulled apart or worn out. It doesn’t take much for a person to decide they really don’t want to get hit anymore.

Your typical fight consists of one or two solid punches before somebody falls down, rolls over or runs away. Long fights are an exception — not the norm. Multiple sustained bouts are not typical. And trash talk doesn’t tend to go on for long, as the fighters are separated pretty quickly by bystanders or friends. With this in mind… This fight in St. Louis is outside the ordinary in several respects. Not only does the trash-talking and fighting go on for an astounding eight minutes, but the fighters land jabs both physical and metaphorical. Yes, these women are beating the mess out of one each other, but one of them is striking a blow for women’s rights.

In short, this amped-up contestant clearly believes that a woman has a right to be shirtless and belligerent anywhere a man might be. The woman is inexplicably topless as the fight starts, and even though she’s holding her shirt in her hand, she refuses to put it back on for the entirety of the clip. In spite of several breaks in the action, with the fighters standing well apart and spectators asking her to put her shirt on, she stands strong, refusing to be moved.

Imagine believing so strongly in #FreeTheNip that you won’t even cover up when facing the very real possibility of being punched in the chest? This woman is a champion, regardless of how the fight turns out. It’s hot as hell everywhere and only getting warmer. If we don’t start making the necessary strides for catfights to be shirtless now, we’re going to have a very awkward, heat-stroke-filled period in the eventual WorldStarHistory books.

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Source: Bitch Your Famous