“The Clowns Are Back” DJ Clue Claps Back After Funk Flex Tries to Start Beef

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DJ Clue wasn't going to take Flex's comments laying down

Funkmaster Flex isn’t exactly known for keeping his mouth shut. The DJ has started his fair share of beef with rappers he refused to cosign and other hip-hop adjacent entities from his perch in one of most coveted radio DJ gigs in the world. The Hot 97 DJ took it a step further in a recent interview though, leveling an attack at one of his fellow record-spinners, DJ Clue.

Clue is the Funk Flex of rival New York hip-hop radio station Power 105.1. And Flex thinks all the bomb drop sound effects in the world can’t hide the fact that he’s not good at the job he put in the first half of his name.

“You know the funny thing is about Clue?” Flex said in an interview with ThisIs50. “I respect Clue and Clue’s a good guy. But you know what he has trouble with? He’s a wack DJ. You know how you play music? He’s a wack DJ! He should make an effort to change that perception.”

Flex said that people want to battle Clue because they know that he’s not a good DJ.

“When the battle stuff comes up, they’re doing that to you because they know you’re wack on the set,” he said. “You could never battle Flex — but n*gga, get better on the set! If you do not take your craft serious enough to practice at it, then it’s cool.”

Flex added that there’s a lot of things that Clue is good at but actual DJ-ing isn’t among those things. “That’s no diss to him” he said. “He’s a mixtape DJ and he’s a great producer.”

Of course, the world of NYC rap is tiny, so it wasn’t going to be long before word got to Clue that Flex was talking trash about him. Clue said that Flex is known for clearing the dancefloor in a series of tweets.

“The Clowns Are back out man..be careful out there! Think they talking after they smoked that K2 or something,” he wrote on Twitter. “Mr #ClearTheDanceFloor got my name in his mouth SMH! Can’t stop talking bout me..when no one wants to interview you,u just create your own.”

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