French Montana Tells The Police What He Really Thinks

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French Gets Pulled Over: Tells Cops Off

Anyone with access to social media has seen the countless videos of police gunning down unarmed African American citizens. The Black Lives Matter movement has spawned from these government sponsored acts of atrocity. BLM’s main goal is to get justice for these murders and prevent the police from terrorizing the black community in the future.

Early morning on Wednesday, September 28, 2016, NYPD stopped the vehicle French Montana and his crew we’re riding in. They were pulled over leaving a strip club and the rapper had a few choice words for the cops who stopped them. French started recording when they were stopped, and made sure the police knew that black lives matter.

Credit: Allison Shelley/Getty Images for DKC

Check out what French Montana said to these NYPD cops when they harassed him and his crew while they were leaving a strip club.