#FREEBONNIE: Stevie J is Being Blocked From Seeing His Daughter

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Stevie says he's being blocked from seeing his daughter.

It was all good just a month ago.

Y’all remember back earlier this summer when Stevie J posted those adorable videos with his daughter Bonnie Bella? Well, that was eons ago in reality TV romance time. (The drinks that have been thrown alone. It’s unfathomable.)

It looks like Stevie and Joseline have fallen back out again. In spite of his t-shirt campaign and their seeming reconcilliation, Stevie went to Joseline’s house to pick up his daughter and wound up talking to the door instead. “Another day where I went to see Bonnie and I wasn’t able to see her,” the producer said wearily in a video update captured by The Shade Room. “She didn’t open the door for me but she opened the door for Dawn’s niece. Free Bonnie, I’m gonna see you soon, baby. I’m gonna see you real soon.”

How did we get to the point this point? Well, that’s a long story, and like all things Stevie J and Joseline, you have to pick a side to believe.

When Bonnie was born last year, Stevie J and Joseline appeared open to the idea of co-parenting. In spite of their tumultuous relationship — documented in painful detail by the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta crew that Stevie always seemed to forget was there — the producer made it seem like they were willing to work around their own problems for the sake of their daughter.

“I’m trying to stay on a positive path with Joseline,” he said in an interview with HollywoodLife. “We’re co-parenting and I want to keep things as positive as possible. I just want to let the negativity go and make sure everyone is happy.”

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