#PettyWap: Fetty Tries to Win Back Baby Mama With Thirsty Texts

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Masika isn't having any of Fetty Wap's attempts at finesse

Fetty Wap seems tender-hearted. If he’s not crying over minor awards, he’s out handing out money to little kids to help them buy some shoes. So maybe it shouldn’t catch us off-guard to learn that he wants to stick up for his baby mama Masika Kalysha when the haters come for her.

Though the pair have split, they still have a child together. And a recent wave of negativity prompted Fetty to reach out to Kalysha over text messages. The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star shared the texts on her Instagram before quickly deleting them.

However, the internet exists on Greyjoy rules. What is deleted may never die. The Shade Room saved the receipts so that we can see exactly what Fetty said.

“I’m not asking you to take me back or forgive me, I jsut been sitting back watching how all these ppl been comin at u and how you stand tall,” he wrote. “It’s so attractive n I sit back n just look at my daughter n that smile let me no it’s happiness there n I just know that I love you so that’s that. You have a good day.”

“I’m in your corner,” he added. “Don’t ever forget it, even if you don’t want to or just don’t believe it.”

Masika posted the texts along with a sarcastic caption that seemed to poke at the idea that Fetty was being sincere. “My babby zaddy is soooo sweet y’all,” she wrote. “Go leave hearts under his last pic because he takes up for me and defends me and he’s never lied on me ever.”

She closed the caption with a thinking face emoji and the hashtag #PettyWap, just in case her tone didn’t come across right to her followers.

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Source: Instagram @masikakalysha