Stacks on the Street: Kids Learn Just How Generous Fetty Wap Can Be

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Fetty was feeling super generous

“More money than you know what to do with” is usually just an expression, but it’s clear that Fetty Wap is raking in insane amounts of cash because he decided to hand out money on the streets of Hackensack, N.J. Who knew cooking pies was so lucrative?

In the video obtained by TMZ, the “Trap Queen” rapper can be seen handing out cold, hard cash to kids as they walk down the street. Fetty was leaving his attorney’s office and decided to make a few kids’ days. According to the gossip website, he was asking the kids who passed them if they were in school. If they answered “yes,” he gave them a few hundred dollars. Fetty can be heard in the video saying that one of the little dudes should buy himself some sneakers.

Other kids can be heard expressing their gratitude later in the video. One child shouts “Thanks, Fetty!” as he walks away with a handful of bills in hand and, surely, a smile on his face.

Fetty Wap performing stage rapper

Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images