Ruthless Bystander Narrates Cop’s Struggle to Fit Back Into Cruiser

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"Write his a** a ticket!"

Maybe Chic-Fil-A wasn’t the best choice? A butter-drenched fried chicken sandwich certainly isn’t helping this overweight Georgia policeman get back into his cruiser after a fellow diner parked his Dodge Charger a little too close.

One diner noticed the porky pig’s attempt to get back to serving and protecting, and he recorded the valiant struggle for the rest of the world to see. Though his tone is mocking, it’s pretty clear that the videographer is on the cop’s side. He offers words of encouragement throughout the video.

“You’ll figure it out, big man,” he says. “You can do it. Try it again, big man. To serve and to protect, big man. You gotta get in there big man.”

He also offered the portly cop another solution, once it became clear that getting into the car through the driver’s side door might not be an option.

fat cop can't get in car

Source: YouTube @ViralHog