Fans Suspect Cardi B and Offset Engagement Because of Latest Pic

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Are Cardi B and Offset getting engaged?

Fans think Cardi B and Offset might be engaged after he posted a video of a ring to his Instagram story. After several months of seeing the pair together constantly, Offset posted a video of himself showing off a diamond ring that appears to be for a woman. Even more telling, the ring is a shade of bright (Bodak) yellow. Given how lovey-dovey the pair has been since February, it should be expected that this post would cause a fan freak-out.

Rumors have flown in every direction since the pair linked up. So, it’s entirely possible that this is just another example of fans getting overheated. It’s not like Offset doesn’t have an eye for the flashy and gaudy side of the mall. Anyone who has seen Migos at an awards show knows they like ostentatious jewelry and loud clothing. A canary yellow diamond surrounded by a bunch of other diamonds is not outside of his wheelhouse.

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Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images