Pay Up! Fan Sues Rae Sremmurd for Breaking His Nose With a Flying…

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The group allegedly did a number on this fan's face

Rae Sremmurd can’t seem to keep out of trouble recently. After riding a wave of commercial and critical success with their two SremmLife albums, a string of mishaps have tarnished Tupelo’s finest. Last month, the group drew the ire of fans and general internet users alike when they recorded themselves firing their driver and posted it to social media. While at least that errant SnapChat sendalong didn’t hit them in the wallet, their latest misstep just might.

A fan is suing the pair after getting busted in the nose at a Rae Sremmurd concert. According to TMZ, the unnamed fan was hit in the face when one of the Brothers Sremm rocketed a water bottle into the crowd. Unlike typical thrown water bottles, this one was full and closed. That made it much less a refreshing toss for people near the stage and a bit more of a missile launched at unsuspecting fans’ heads.

The fan said that he took the bottle square in the face and it hit him so forcefully that it tore off “a chunk of his face.” He claims he had to get stitches to repair his face after the October 2016 show and that the resulting injury has left him with permanent scarring and disfigurement.

According to TMZ, he’s suing the pair for negligence, assault and battery. On top of the cost of his medical bills, he’s also seeking out additional damages.


Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty