Famous Dex Rushed to the Hospital After Drinking Lean

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He'll never be the same

After the unexpected overdose and death of Lil Peep, a watchful eye has turned towards hip-hop’s youth. Following the “Benz Truck” rapper’s passing, Famous Dex gave fans more alarming news, as he was rushed to the hospital. The 24-year-old Chicago rapper was hospitalized after the overconsumption of lean.

While the rapper survived the health scare, the event gave him a change of heart and inspired a change of lifestyle. He publicly denounced “purple drank” in an Instagram video. Still in his hospital bed, he told his fans that the promethazine-codeine mixture was no longer his vice of choice.

“If I’m your role model, then stop fu–ing doing the Lean,” he began. “I just want to let my Live know, all my fans know, I quit codeine. I don’t do the Lean no more. That’s on my kids. You’ll never ever see me with a double cup. It fu–ed me up. I’m in the hospital right now. But I feel so better. I feel so good. God is so good. That’s why y’all haven’t been seeing me do no music. I been fu–ed up.”

After telling his fans that lean “really gon f–k y’all over,” he talked about other drugs he’s swearing to never use again. In another post, he vowed to quit weed as well.

Source: Instagram @famousdex