Oh, No She Didn’t! Eve Recalls the Time a Certain Female Rapper Crashed Her Show and Stole Her Spotlight

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Cattiness knows no era

Hip-hop has always been a cutthroat business. That goes double for women, thanks to the unspoken rule that only one woman at a time is allowed to be on top. In light of the Cold War between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, it’s interesting to see that this has always been the case. Eve shared a story about an unnamed female rapper who tried to upstage her at an early concert.

“Coming up in this business, it’s obviously very competitive,” she said on The Talk. “I had like two songs out, my first two songs and of course, I’m excited.” Eve explained that she was still grinding at this point, far from collaborations with Gwen Stefani and mega-hits of her own.
“When you come out in hip-hop you do club rounds,” she told her co-hosts. So I was doing all the club rounds and I happened to be in Chicago and the promoter at the time called and said ‘Hey, one of your friends wants tickets to the show.’”

Eve wasn’t friends with the woman, so she knew that something was up. “I said ‘Please don’t give her tickets to the show’ because I knew something would happen,” she shared.

Unfortunately, the promoter wouldn’t budge. He explained that he had to give her tickets because she was “bigger than” Eve and the promoter wanted to preserve that relationship. Faced with no choice at all, Eve relented.

The rapper thought she was still too much of a little fish for the woman to show up either way. So, she was shocked when the woman showed up and stood on the balcony behind the stage in an attempt to draw attention away from Eve.

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