Eve Is Back on the Scene… But Not as a Rapper

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Returning to the Spotlight

Eve has been living life away from the spotlight, raising her children in London alongside her husband Maximillion Cooper. The First Lady of the Ruff Ryders is making her way back to the entertainment world, however, in a lane that you might not expect.

The rapper will join Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, and Sheryl Underwood as a new host on The Talk, replacing an outgoing Aisha Tyler. Though Eve is a rapper by trade, she has acted before. She thinks that she’ll make a great fit on the daytime talk show.

“I hope that I can bring my personality, my opinion when it comes to different things,” Eve told Essence. “I think the fact that I live in London, and the fact that I’m also in an interracial relationship, the fact that I’m a step-mom — I’m hoping that I can bring my personal life, things that are in my personal life into the group.”

Any jitters the rapper might have had quickly melted away after her first time on the set. She told Deadline that she could feel the show locking into place around her.

“Once I did the first test week and I met all the ladies, I felt the energy — not only from them but everyone I met on the set, and it was great,” she said. “It was one of those exciting moments in life where I thought it would be a good challenge for me. If it feels right, then it must be right.”


Source: Instagram @therealeve