Watch Eminem Forget the Words To His Most Famous Song

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Eminem fans are intense. They show up everywhere to defend the rapper if even the slightest mention of a top 5 is dropped. I bet you can find someone accidentally discussing the merits of The Marshall Mathers LP on a recipe for curry goat, if you look hard enough.

His fans are so meticulous and obsessive that we use the name of a fictional fan that Em created to describe uber-fans. His song “Stan” gave us the shorthand we needed for fans who take their faves a little too seriously. The “Rap God” probably couldn’t pick a worse song to draw a blank on. And yet, that’s exactly what he did during a recent concert in Glasgow.

The gaffe was caught by a fan in the audience.

“I read about your Uncle Ronnie too, I’m sorry. I had a friend kill himself over some b*tch who didn’t want him,” Em raps before blanking on the next line.

The rapper goes silent for a second, lets out a disgusted sound and then turns around to let his crew know it’s time for a do-over.

“We gotta run that back,” he said, to cheers from the crowd.

The mix-up came in the middle of Eminem’s first-verse as Stan, an obsessive fan who kills himself and his girlfriend after he thinks that the rapper is ignoring his letters.

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Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images