“EAT MY MOTHERF***ING P*$$Y B*TCH” Big Girl Shows A-Hole Boyfriend Who’s BOSS!

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This couple's spat took a weird turn for the worse...

When couples get into vicious arguments in public, we all cringe just a bit. It can be quite the embarrassing ordeal when your significant other decides to make a private situation subject to public opinion. Shouting and screaming, physical interaction, and even bullying can all be forms of unhealthy disagreements between two people. And, most times the situations are heightened due to the speculation of outside eyes. This might have been the case for one woman and her belligerent boyfriend on the night they decided to engage in World War III. in a convenience store. See what gassed this couple all the way up and ended with a collision like none we’ve ever seen before!

two irate customers get into it

Credit: World Star Hip Hop

See how volatile things got in front of bystanders!