Drake’s Security May Have Gone too Far in Heated Road Rage Incident…

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Were they out of line?

Drake’s security might have gone overboard in a recent altercation in TKTK. After Drake’s Maybach cut through a red light, his convoy of SUVs full of security people attempted to make the turn to follow. The only problem was they didn’t have the right of way. As a Tesla driver tried to make his way through the intersection, the SUVs repeatedly creeped up on him and tried to take the space from him. When he didn’t budge, a member of Drake’s security team hopped out to stop the Tesla driver.

The SUVs cut up the bike lane and tried to slide in behind Drake’s man on the street. Meanwhile the driver and the guard got into it.

“What the f*ck are you doing?” the driver asked. “I’m asking you to stop!” he yelled back. “I have right-of-way. I don’t care. Are you the police?” the driver responded.
“Then run me over, bro. I’ll take your Tesla,” the guard responded.

Even though the Tesla driver attempted to box them out, the SUVs eventually fell back in with the help of the guard. The driver of the Tesla noted their license plate numbers and mentioned that he would be reporting them to the police.

The driver of this particular car records and posts examples of bad driving to his YouTube channel KushCam and he explained the situation further in the description.

“Security for Tiff apparently think they are the Police and can stop traffic so Drake’s motorcade of friends can drive together,” he said. “I didn’t want to be stuck in the middle of the intersection when it turned red and had right of way. Then the escalades drive in the Bike lanes and the security guard stands in front of my car to stop me so they can go around me and threatens to take my Tesla. Do you think my reaction was justified, as I felt threatened.”

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Source: YouTube @KushCam