Drake’s Security Roughs Up Pop Star for Saying “Hey”

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He won't be trying that again!

Drake is a huge star: from his come up on Degrassi to his own gargantuan career as a singer, his trajectory may lead him to being the biggest artist there ever was… after Beyoncé, of course. So it’s obvious that the man needs a team around him just to make sure that he’s safe from the extra crazy fans, the wannabes saying they’re his best friend, and the lunatics who may feel like hurting him. This also means that people that he actually knows can get left out in the cold if the team hasn’t been briefed about their relationship to Drake.

That’s the unfortunate lesson that pop star Shawn Mendes had to learn the hard way when he spotted Drake chilling at The Weeknd’s show in Toronta, and you can bet that he won’t put that security guard to the test ever again.

Drake ESPYS 2014

Credit: Kevin Winter/Gettyimages