“I’ma Come Out There and F*ck You Up!”: Drake Interrupts Show to Scold a Groping Fan

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Drake's a good dude

Drake almost put paws on a creep who was being inappropriate at a nightclub in Sydney. The rapper was performing his hit song “Know Yourself” and stopped mid-bar to tell the dude to knock it off.

“Yo, stop that s**t,” Drake yelled from the stage while pointing at the offender. “If you don’t stop touching girls, I’m gonna come out there and f**k you up.”

The move was met with adoring screams in the venue and widely praised across the internet as the sort of action that men need to take to prevent any abuses of women that they witness.

In the wake of a massive wave of sexual assault revelations throughout Hollywood, there have been renewed calls for men to both examine the ways that they act around women and speak out when they see others doing things that are out of line. In any climate, Drake’s action was the right thing to do. But in this particular one it went viral, with plenty of people of social media spreading the clip of Drake defending his fans from unwanted advances.


Credit: NBC