Toronto Police Release Video Of Drake Crew Member’s Murder

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Watch the graphic video now

A member of Drake’s OVO crew was murdered last week in the lobby of a Toronto apartment building. Anthony Soares was standing in the reception area of the building he lives in when two armed men approached from the outside and began firing into the lobby. The entire thing was captured on video by the building’s security cameras and Toronto police have just released the footage.

In the clip, Soares can be seen standing right next to the windows holding a drink. A car pulls up and two men run out of it, firing through the windows as they approach. It’s clear that they are targetting Soares, as they continue to shoot at him after he falls. One of the gunmen opens the lobby door — being careful to not leave fingerprints — so that he can fire one last time at Soares, who is lying on the ground. All totaled, the two shooters fired at least 10 shots at Soares before fleeing in a car that had pulled back around.

Authorities don’t believe that the shooting was gang-related. However, Toronto Police Service Det. Sgt. Gary Giroux admitted to the CBC that the shooting was clearly targeted at Soares. “Certainly, it was very targeted. It was very focused. Certainly, it was overkill,” Giroux said.

Soares was taken to a nearby hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery, but the doctors weren’t able to save him.

The police shared another video of the outside of the building where the killers’ car can clearly be seen. They arrived and drove away in a newer model Ford Fusion. The Toronto police released the footage in the hopes that someone would recognize the two men. Though, so far, they have named no suspects in the murder.

Giroux said that the family of Soares had been notified that the video was being released. They also blurred out Soares after the first shot was fired out of respect for the victim.

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Credit: Toronto Police Service