Drake Says ‘Free Meek Mill’ During Australia Tour

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Even Drake knows Meek should be free

Meek Mill is getting some support from a highly unlikely place. Given their history, we never thought we’d be typing this but you can add Drake to the long list of celebrities, fans and activists who have come out to call Meek Mill heading back to prison unjust.

The rapper is perhaps the one person most responsible for the way in which Meek Mill is viewed currently. The thrashing he gave Meek during their back-and-forth beef and the lackluster response from the Philly rapper gave Meek an aura of losing that he’s yet to fully shake. But even the “Back To Back” rapper had to admit that Mill doesn’t belong in prison over two cases that were dropped thanks to a crime he committed when he wasn’t even old enough to drink.

The slide over to Meek’s side happened during Drake’s tour stop in Melbourne, Australia. While he was doing crowd work and pointing out individuals around him, he noticed a fan wearing gear urging authorities to let Meek go home.

“I see you with the Adidas, three stripes,” he began.

“I see you got the ‘Free Meek Mill’ T-shirt,” he added. “Free Meek Mill too. You right,” he adds.

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Source: Youtube/@Meekmill