Ruff Ryders’ Veteran Drag-On Nearly Passes Out After Smoking Weed… Paramedics Rush to Him After Performance (Video)

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He couldn't hang

Somebody get the name of Drag-On’s weedman so we can all stay the hell away from them. The Ruff Ryders veteran was forced to leave a concert after he became short of breath in the middle of the show. He claimed that he had been smoking weed before the show and that caused him to collapse while in Atlantic City.

Drag-On jumped into the crowd during a set in New Jersey last week and soon found that he couldn’t get his wind back.

“I was back there smoking weed,” the rapper said in a fan-shot video, clearly out of breath. “Sh*t got me out of breath,” but his reps had a bit of a different story!

Drag-On Collapse

Source: TMZ