Dancing Fools Learn the Hard Way Not to Mess with Hurricane Harvey

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It's a swift and hilarious lesson.

Hurricane parties are a way of life in the south. To be fair, the threat of Harvey — and the fact that the storm made good on the doomsayers promises — may have dampened spirits a bit, but things like extreme flooding and power outages didn’t stop these three dudes from being too lit. They climbed on top of a Houston bus stop and learned, to paraphrase the immortal Herman Simpson, “Harvey don’t play that.”

It starts out like most dancing Snapchats: Three dudes are lined up and ready to hit whips, folks, dabs and anything else that goes well with an “ayy.” The cameraman is primed and ready to oversell it with a well-timed tilt and maybe some fire effects, but they never get there. Unfortunately, a storm like Harvey has a tendency to weaken structures and a bus shelter is no exception. The only thing the three men hit is the ground after the roof collapses under their weight and sends them tumbling to the dirt.

One of them manages to grab the crossbar and gracefully drop down to the ground. Crew, take notes. He’s the one you’re going to want if you’re ever truly stuck in a dangerous situation. No one seems to be the brains of the outfit, excepting maybe the cameraman, so it helps to have someone with quick reflexes.

Let’s not give Harvey too much credit. Chances are this bus shelter would have collapsed even in fair weather. After all, the plastic roof of a bus stop isn’t built to be stood on by grown men. In fact, standing on top of a roof is about the quickest to completely undo its purpose. (And we’re willing to bet these dudes find ways to hurt themselves even when there’s no emergency on.)

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Credit: The Weather Channel