Dame Dash Drops Mother of All Truth Bombs to End Feud With Jay Z

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Are we seeing the end of the beef?

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Damon Dash revelaed that he misses his formely close relationship with fellow hip-hop mogul Jay-Z. For the unitiated, Jay and Dame Dash started the Roc-A-Fella label together (after Jigga couldn’t get a record deal anywhere else). As the label’s sole artist, Jay brought success to the business that went on to sign acts like The Diplomats and Beanie Sigel.

However, the pair fell out after Jay-Z jumped ship to be the CEO of Def Jam and purchased his former label. Now, over a decade later, Dash says he misses the relationship he had with his one-time close associate.

“I do miss the friendship. We were good friends. On a human level, of course we were friends, you miss the friendship,” he told Us Weekly. “It was a camaraderie, we were both fighting for the same thing. There was ideals. I do miss those ideals – being around people that are honest and, you know, will do anything.”

Dash added that he thinks they would have fallen out anyway as they got older. According to Dame, growing apart is just something that older men do.

“[But as] you evolve, men ain’t supposed to be wanting to hang out with other men as they get older,” he said. “They’re supposed to hang out with their girl and their family, so it has to happen regardless. But you still miss high school, you still miss camp, but I don’t want to go back to it.”

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Source: Youtube - Power 105.1