Yoga Babe in Cuffs Houdini’s the S#*t out of Cop Car and Escapes in High-Speed Chase

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What else is all that yoga for?

The qualifications for being a Lululemon manager in the South are… a little different. If you haven’t used your flexibility to wriggle out of handcuffs and steal a cop car, I’m pretty sure you’ll be stuck as an “educator” for the rest of your days. Good thing this Texas woman wants it bad enough, because Lufkin, Texas is in need of a few strivers.

Toscha Fay Sponsler of Pollock, Texas was arrested for being suspected of shoplifting from a beauty supply store. The Lufkin PD wrestled her to the ground, sensible athleticwear and all, and cuffed her hands behind her back. Once they placed the tiny woman in the police car, they assumed that they were in the clear to deal with other issues and catalog the loot that Sponsler allegedly snatched.

However, they didn’t count on the 33-year-old being a regualr Houdini. Sponsler wiggled her way out of her handcuffs and hid low in her seat whenever police officers passed by her window. Once she saw an opening, the wily shoplifter decided to steal something a little bigger. She hopped through the partition between the front and back seats and took off with the police SUV.

According to local authorities, Sponsler took police on a 20-minute long chase that reached speeds in excess of 100 MPH. In videos released by the police department, you can see the chase from several angles. The dash cam footage of the stolen SUV shows Sponsler swerving into oncoming traffic and footage from other cars shows her quickly avoiding a spike strip that had been thrown into her path.

Sponsler was eventually captured when police forced her into a turn that she couldn’t make at high speeds. She spun out and traveled off the road, striking a tree in someone’s front yard. The police surrounded her, pulled their weapons, busted out the driver’s side window and yanked Sponsler out of the stolen police vehicle. This time around they kept their eye on her after putting her in the car.

women in the back of police car hijacking car

Source: Youtube @PoliceActivity