Chris Brown Claps Back at Fan After Commenting About His Tour, Then Goes off in Rant

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"Y'all sure do stay on my meat"

Chris Brown has been a very busy man lately. He’s been releasing new music, pushing out new music videos, working on his Black Pyramid clothing line, and is now headlining his Party tour. You’d think with all he has going on, he wouldn’t have time to clap back at his haters and trolls, but like always, he makes time.

Breezy is fresh off of popping off on a fan who had a lot to say about his tour. The singer wasted no time sliding under her comments to stick her with one of his many smart-ass remarks. And not only her, he had a message for all of his trolls.

Source: Youtube @BET

He always makes it known he's not here for the haters or the trolls