Ratchet Chick Gets Fully Serviced in This Gas Station Brawl

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Can you think of a worse place to get beat down?

In your opinion, what’s the worst place to catch a beating?

Does potential audience weigh heavily on your choice? If so, then family gatherings and church would be pretty terrible places to get stomped. Do you care about people finding out? Then, anywhere with television cameras would be awful.

If we’re going purely on the environment and the way it affects your pride and your body then the gas station next to Burger King has to be pretty high on the list. Sun-baked concrete is nobody’s idea of a good time, so being laid out on the ground underneath a self-service pavilion is a definite negative. That’s before we even consider the fact that gas stations tend to be magnets for broken glass, wind-blown car trash, and — of course — various automobile fluids.

On that tip, imagine trying to catch your breath during a fight at the BK-adjacent gas station. You’re either pulling in the smell of hot asphalt, gasoline, trash or fry grease. It can’t be pleasant. And if you are the audience averse type, you have several travelers and a few hungry drive-through goers recording your whupping for WorldStar. It’s really the worst of all possible outcomes, as this woman found out when she was on the wrong-end of a gas station brawl.

gas station fight

Source: Bitch Your Famous