Breaking: Chicago Rap Veteran Payroll Dies of Drug Overdose

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Payroll has reportedly passed away

Fake Shore Drive is reporting that the veteran Chicago rapper Payroll has passed away from a drug overdose. While details are hard to come by, and original reports claimed that the rapper was murdered, the clearinghouse for Chicago hip-hop information is well-sourced and now claims that the rapper is dead from an overdose.

The blog explains how Payroll came to be a name in Chicago hip-hop circles:

“Payroll rose to prominence throughout the Chicago scene in the 90s and early-00s alongside his 40 Gang crew. He collaborated with many of Chicago’s legends including EC Illa, Bump J, Cap 1, Triple Darkness and many others. Perhaps Payroll’s most documented moment was his beef with Kanye West, which stemmed from Jay-Z’s ‘Neva Change’ instrumental and hook, which Payroll recorded first. The incident spurred a number of diss tracks including Payroll’s “F*ck Kanye West,” performed over Nas’ ‘Ether’ beat.”

“F*ck Kanye West” went into detail about the fact that Payroll had the beat snatched from him and given to Jay Z. While the story didn’t make waves outside of Chicago, there’s no doubt that Kanye heard him.

“Kanye is a f—ing geek, f—k what you sold the beat,” he rapped. “Don’t know the industry n–ga, but I know the streets. Ear to the curb I heard some speculation. know the streets been shoppin’ and patiently waiting.”


Source: YouTube @Open World Films