Chance the Rapper Heads to Court for Child Support Hearing

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An Ongoing Battle

Chance the Rapper, arguably one of the hottest names in hip-hop right now, is going back to court over his custody battle with former girlfriend Kirsten Corley. The 23-year-old rapper, born Chancelor Bennett, is just coming off the biggest year of his career.

After releasing his newest album, “Coloring Book”, Chance finds himself just days away from playing the Grammys. The album also has a very impressive SEVEN Grammy nominations this year to boot. Throw in the fact that last year Chance started his own one-day music festival and broke the internet while playing SNL, it’s safe to say he’s been trending on the up and up.

So what’s this suit all about then? Kirsten Corley and ‘Chancelor’ have been on and off for the past couple years and only lived together for a brief stint when their 16-month old daughter was born. Read on to find out who’s on the right side of this case.

Chance the rapper performing stage

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Why doesn't he doesn't like his child support agreement?