Caribbean Chicks Throw DOWN In Jamaica And Shirts Go Flying

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Who has time to worry about shirts when there's hands to throw?

We live in a busy world and some people just don’t have time. The hustle and bustle and constant connectivity means that we’re gradually losing those little bits of free time we used to have, and it manifests in weird ways.

In your case, it might mean that you opt to buy some fast food rather than cook the stuff you have at home. Maybe you grab an Uber to somewhere that you could have walked to. In this Caribbean lady’s case, it meant she went straight to the source of her problem and dragged it by the hair.

Rather than waiting around to confront her man about possible infidelities, rather than subtweeting and being petty, rather than wait around for her man to slip up so that she could catch him in the lie, this lady took action. She doesn’t have time to dither away wondering if her beau is a snake, so she just dropped by his place and waited.

I wonder if she multi-tasked while staking out the place. Was she taking phone calls and handling business while she waited for someone to stomp out of the front door? Did she have to put someone on hold to go stomp a hole in her flame’s side-piece? Maybe not but she was definitely ready to lay down a type-A ass-beating. Those are the thrown hands of an innovator.

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Source: Bitch Your Famous