Cardi B’s Response to Her Leaked NSFW Video Was Real AF

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Bossy, Bossy

One thing about Cardi B? She is very transparent. She’s open and honest about her past and her struggles. Because of this, it’s no secret that she used to be a stripper. The “Bodak Yellow” star constantly talks about her time in the club on her tracks, on social media, and even during interviews. However, the world still seemed surprised when video proof of her stripper days surfaced.

In the short video, young Cardi is seen fondling her twin peaks while dancing. Her bedazzled bra is lifted all the way up to her chin, so the camera got a good look.

While anyone else may have been embarrassed or ashamed, Cardi handled the “leak” like a boss. In one quick tweet, the “MotorSport” rapper explained herself, made a joke, and told everyone to move on. “That vid of me showing my boobs i was 21 & still a stripper !and soo what ?!ya always talking about how i got no nipples ..well now you know,” she tweeted. “Live life !Its my body !I do what i want .”

cardi b dressed as cruella for halloween

Source: Instagram @iamcardib