Cardi B’s Sexy Celebration of ‘Bodak Yellow’ Proves She’s Living Her Best Life

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She also spoke on Nicki Minaj

Cardi B is known for her frankness. You don’t become a reality TV star by being demure. Still, when a paprazzo caught up to the rapper on the street, her response to how she celebrated “Bodak Yellow” being such a huge hit could pop the monocle out of even the most casually vulgar fan’s eye.

“Bodak Yellow” is currently the highest-ranked rap song on the Billboard charts. When the pap asked her how she planned to celebrate, she gave the anti-Disney World response.

“By f*cking my man,” she said.

Given that frankness, it’s a little bit easier to believe her when she says that none of her songs are aimed at Nicki Minaj. The pseudo-beef has been brewing for quite a while, seemingly without the involvement of either party. In short, the world can’t handle to female MCs from New York being on top without positioning them at each other’s throats. So every off-hand comment, every bar and every tweet is being catalouged by people hoping and praying that Nicki and Cardi go after each other and try to tear the other down.

Cardi hasn’t taken the bait in the past, and she didn’t bite when this videographer asked her outright if anything in “Bodak Yellow” was about Nicki Minaj. “It’s about everybody that doubted me before, mane,” she said, before offering a flat “no” when asked if Minaj was a specific target.

Nicki Minaj also dodged the narrative that the two are sending sly shots at each other. Her song “No Flag” raised a few eyebrows with its declarations that there are women trying to clone her style with the help of their labels, but Minaj denied that the verse was about B on Twitter.

“It sure ain’t [about Cardi],” she wrote. “Wrote this one a couple months ago, too.”

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