Cardi B’s Little Sister Hennessy Reveals the Woman She’s Madly in Love With

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It’s well known by now that Cardi B is enjoying being the main squeeze of Offset from the Migos. In fact, she loves it so much that she got him “involved” in her celebration plans for the success of “Bodak Yellow.”

The “regular, degular, schmegular girl from the Bronx” isn’t the only one heading happily into cuffin’ season though. Everybody in the Cardi B family tree is getting booed up. Cardi B’s little sister Hennessey Carolina has shared videos and photos of her girlfriend and herself looking content as can be.

In addition to photos shared by Hennesey of the pair together, her girlfriend — who posts on Instagram under the handle @ball_like_melo — has shared pics of birthday celebrations thrown in her honor by Hennessey. As she stands in front of a cake holding a whole mess of balloons, she just had to admit that Hennessy is “so cute. I love her.”

Didn’t know that Hennessy was into females? This is not the first time that Hennessey’s sexuality has come up. Back in July, Hennessey posted videos of what it was like to live with a girlfriend. “When you got a girlfriend, you don’t cook on your own, you don’t clean on your own, you don’t even wipe your ass on your own,” she said. “Bruh, go get you one.”

On top of scenes of domestic bliss, both Hennessey and her girlfriend have shared photos of themselves out on the town for New York Fashion Week. Hennessey also shared a photo of the pair of them in bed for National Girlfriend Day.

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Source: Instagram @HennesseyCarolina