Cardi B EMBARRASSES Promoter Who Refused to Pay Her

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Securing the Bag

Let’s be honest… Cardi B has hip-hop’s attention. Thanks to her 12 million Instagram followers, the “Lick” rapper has some reach. With this in mind — and coupled with the fact that Cardi is super out spoken — no one should dare to play with her for fear of being called out. Nevertheless, a New Orleans party promotor tried it. Naturally, Cardi got him together shortly afterwards.

The facts of the situation are still a little hazy, especially because the promoter is supposedly “missing” now. However, one thing is crystal clear: Cardi doesn’t play about her coins. The former Love & Hip Hop: New York star boarded New Orleans’ Studio 223’s stage to give her love to her fans and to expose the person responsible for paying not paying her.

“If you don’t get paid, you don’t go to work, right?” the star began in a fan-shot video. “Let me tell you something. I paid my DJ, I paid my hair stylist, I paid my makeup artist, I paid for this outfit, and I paid my dancers, and I paid my DJ. So, if the promotor don’t wanna f–king pay me, then b–ch you think I’m going to come inside? No.”

cardi b leaning against a wall wearing sunglasses

Source: Instagram @Cardi.b