Cardi B Blasts Hairstylist Who Charged $400 to Flat Iron Lace Front

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Rich and Cheap

Known for being brutally honest, Cardi B never holds her tongue. She constantly shares and vents happenings from her everyday life on social media, letting fans know that she’s still a “regular, degular, shmegular girl from the Bronx.”

Cardi recently ran to the internet to vent about a hairstylist who blatantly overcharged her. After flat ironing her weave, Cardi says the stylist charged her $400. While no one knows if the star paid the steep price, fans know that Cardi didn’t like the attempt to “play” her.

She didn’t say the stylist’s name or tag her in the post, but Cardi did give her a piece of her mind, saying, “I don’t really like when people try to finesse me. Like, don’t ever try to finesse me.” The “Lick” rapper proceeded to say that even though she did her hair herself the day before, she needed it pressed. So, she called the stylist, who Cardi says only lives 10 minutes away from her.

cardi B in white coat

Source: Instagram @balleralert