Future Reportedly Banging Bow Wow’s Baby’s Mama… Erica Mena Throws Shade

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The petty levels are over 9000

Future’s been doing his best to keep his rumored relationship with Joie Chavis out of the headlines, but after recent shots of him in a prominent spot at Chavis’ birthday celebration made their way onto the internet, fans and haters alike can’t help but comment.

Chavis, who is perhaps best known for being Bow Wow’s baby mama, got a Rolex for her birthday from the rapper, and Shad Moss couldn’t keep himself from being petty about it.

“Had your girl in the islands ‘and you aint een know it’ but she kissing you with the same mouth… never mind hahahah,” he tweeted about the news that Future and Chavis were allegedly dating.

PROTIP: If you don’t want to be known as Lil Bow Wow, maybe stop acting like a tiny man and a dog to boot. Of course, Future is no saint in this regard. He was famously petty over his ex Ciara getting together with the Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.

He stayed out of this convo, though, scooting away from the drama quicker than he did in the Instagram video that started this whole mess.

Future standing with his arms folding on the red carpet

Credit: Mike Windle/Getty Images