Boosie Takes MAJOR Dig at Gay Community in Savage IG Rant

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Did Boosie cross the line?

It’s a day that ends in “y”, so it’s high time for Boosie to post some questionable ish. While Boosie has made his backward views on homosexuality clear in the past, he’s so wrong that any time he brings it up it’s bound to bring folks down on him.

His latest offense was a post to Instagram where he accused Atlanta of being full of gay men with HIV. “Pray for Atlanta. It’s flooded with down low n-ggas,” the photo he posted read.

The caption went into further detail, really wedging Boosie’s foot in his mouth. “National guard is needed asapsh-t crazy frfr all y’all trying to move to the Atl smh f-cking dat city up more n more frfr then all y’all infected with HIV want to move to the A feeling they can start over n a place don’t nobody know them at smh sad s/o to the real n-ggas I f-ck with n the Atl ,” he wrote.

A few Instagram users thought Boosie protests too much.

“Why is he so worried about the gays?” wrote one commenter. “Lol he’s just as curious as the rest of the dl men out there & excuse me how long you was in jail for lol mhm so sure.”

“I’’ll be glad when you finally address the man who molested you as a child,” wrote another. “Lol you’re worried more about DL niggas and gay men than women and actual gay men are worried about them. The saying goes “you hate what you are”. Just never seen a straight man talk more about gay n*ggas than p*ssy.”

“Your post about gay people make you mad suspect,” added a commenter. “Traits of a dl man.”

Boosie has previously said in interviews that he would disown any of his children who revealed that they were gay and said that he thinks the TV is forcing a gay agenda on young minds. In other words, he’s ignorant as hell and this ain’t nothing new.


Source: Instagram @officialboosieig