Boosie Furious After Being Forced to Cancel Upcoming Show Following Concert Shooting

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"Kinda pissed off."

It’s been a little over three years since Boosie was released from jail and since he’s been on everyone’s music radar. It seems like everywhere Boosie goes, trouble is soon to follow. Back in February, gunshots were fired near Boosie’s video shoot location in Jacksonville, FL. The tragic incident left one man dead and four other people injured.

Police reportedly believed that, at least, 30 people were at the scene, recording the aftermath with their phones. Funny enough, no one could identify the suspect. All we know is that Boosie had nothing it do with it. Now, Boosie has found himself in the middle of another shooting incident. Just recently, the Baton Rouge rapper was slated to perform in Virginia, but he had to cancel his show at the last minute after tragedy struck.

Boosie Badazz with blue hoodie

Source: Instagram @officialboosieig

He was so peed off, he vented his frustration on social media