Boosie Looks On as Man Catches on Fire… Does Nothing

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"Get him some water!"

Boosie’s wild week just got even wilder. After stirring up a crazy amount of controversy with a questionable Instagram post where he said he was buying his 14-year-old son a blowjob for his bday, the rapper is back in the news again because he casually watched his friend roll around on the ground engulfed in flames.

You read that right. This is really a video where the camera pans onto a grown man engulfed in flames while Boosie’s posse shouts advice on how to not die in a fire. And Boosie takes a few steps back and watches with the rest of them.

It’s so insane that I could see it being a bit on a late night sketch show like Loiter Squad or Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job! The quick shift between “interview with a famous rap star” and “cinema verite of a man trying to put out his clothes with the help of his friends” could easily slot into a bit from one of Saturday Night Live‘s more odd writers. Kyle Mooney would love this… Except it’s absolutely real.

boosie fire

Source: Instagram @Hot97